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Rokkaku-do (Choho-ji Temple) Kyoto Japan 4K Video with FDR-AX100


Rokkaku-do (Choho-ji Temple) is located in the middle of Kyoto that is lined with buildings.
It is close to the Nishiki market.

Its formal name is Choho-ji.
Than formal name, it is popular in the name of "Rokkakudo" after the hexagonal Hondo (main temple building).

There is the building right beside this temple.
One of the three Elevator in the building is the observation elevator.
This picture is the main temple visible from there.You'll look better that roof is hexagonal.

【Temple that is faith from common people from a long time ago】

The history of Rokkakudo is old.
It is said, this temple was founded by Prince Shotoku in Asuka period.
This temple was encountered 18 times of disaster just can confirm.
However,  common people have been revived each time.

There are many traditions about Rokkaku-do.
I will introduce one of the famous tradition.

When Heian-kyo is was built, Rokkakudo was likely to destroy.
At that time, the hall has moved 15 meters on their own.

The reason that there is a lot of traditions, I think this temple has been faith in people from the old days.

【The birthplace of Ikenobo school of flower arrangement】

Rokkaku-do is the birthplace of Ikenobo school of flower arrangement.

Priest of Rokkakudo was equipped with a flower in the morning and evening.
How to arrange flowers is very great, it was spread to people.
This is the beginning of the Japanese flower arrangement.

【Feel free to visit】

It is a temple that you can feel free to visit during break time of work or middle of a walk and other time.




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