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Doves in Rokkaku-do Kyoto Japan 4K Video with FDR-AX100


Speaking of Rokkakudo is doves.
There is the written oracle that is known as "written oracle of dove".
(Pottery birds are arranged in the bottom of the video thumbnail. That is pigeon fortune. So Cute!!)

Real doves is a lot than the number of people who are in the precincts.
They are always running around freely precincts.

When you are praying, doves will flapping noisily or says "po po po po po" in your behind.
It is not uncommon.

When you are praying with your eyes closed, you might be stepped on the foot to doves.
It is not uncommon too. Let's pray without worrying.

Feed to the doves is prohibited in many shrines and temples, but Rokkaku-do is allowed to feed to the doves.
Feed of doves is sold in the precincts.

However, it is not cute feeding such as little birds pecking for feed.

In this way, it will be in the state without the called only with chaos.

However, the momentum of doves seeking feed are far beyond your imagination. Doves will come riding to the top of the head freely.

If you want to fully contact, let's equipped with clothes you can get dirty and mask and cap.

When looking at the plump doves, I am jealous of doves because they looks fun and got the feeding. but....

The feeding too large for the mouth, force to eat → strange face....

Stepped on....

Kicked the head....

Look closely, doves society is also tough.




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